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Independence Day Speech In English For Students - Updated 2020

Independence Day speech in English for students I wish a very good morning to all my respected parents, teachers, and dear friends. Today, we all are here to celebrate this immemorial national event . We are all aware that Independence Day is celebrated as an auspicious occasion by all Indians. It was when India got its freedom after effortless struggle by our great freedom fighters for several years. This important day has been forever mentioned in history. It is an auspicious day for every Indian citizen because we have achieved this independence after lots of sacrifices of our brave Indian fighters. 15th August , celebrated as Independence Day is imbibed in the heart of every Indian. The entire nation celebrates this great day with the spirit of patriotism. Today on 15th August 2020 , we are celebrating the 73rd year of independence . Before that, when we were under the British reign, we suffered gruesomely. Today, we have freedom for transportation, education, business and i